CREATOR CORNER: How Fellow Filmmaker successfully sold $6,300 worth of gear.


Fellow Filmaker

Mar 7, 2024

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The Gear Focus community is brimming with talented creators, and we love to hear about their creative successes and their gear success! Fellow Filmmaker, a distinguished member of our community, and a YouTube creator, recently showcased how they offloaded over $6,300 worth of equipment. Follow their tried-and-true tips and clear out your unused gear to make way for your next find. 

Earn Big by Avoiding These Gear Selling Mistakes: A $6,300 Success Story

Last year, I put in roughly 20 hours of work and ended up with over $6,300! Not surprisingly, I sold off a bunch of my film gear that I wasn't using much anymore. Interestingly, during my time making money this way, I noticed others making big mistakes that were easily avoidable. I thought I'd share them with you. Have you made any of the following mistakes?

Stop telling people what you paid for it!

Nothing will prevent you from making a sale faster than telling people what you paid retail for a piece of gear and then listing it for just slightly less. The issue is that no one cares what you paid, and a $100 discount off the retail price doesn't seem like much of a deal to them. It doesn't matter what condition your gear is in; this approach will deter buyers unless you have a very specific buyer in mind.

One picture doesn't sell anything

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, taking just ONE picture of your product is the fastest way to NOT sell it. Buyers want reassurance that you're not hiding any damage or issues, and the only way to provide that is by showing multiple, clear photos. And by multiple photos, I mean well-lit, intentional shots from various angles and distances, including any damage. This transparency fosters trust with the buyer.

Don't ship a sketchy package

Invest in good tape, the correct packaging materials, and ensure it's all in a sturdy box! No one wants to deal with a package that looks suspiciously poorly packed, as it could suggest the contents are damaged. Making sure the product you've sold arrives in good condition is part of the process. Don't skimp to save a few dollars. Buy a pack of heavy-duty tape, reuse boxes from gear you purchase, and even keep those packing bubbles from Amazon packages. It saves you time and makes you appear much more trustworthy as a seller.

Don't copy and paste a description from B&H or Amazon

There's a chance the information could be incorrect, but more importantly, this isn't what the buyer needs or wants to know. Writing a one-sentence description doesn't cut it either. It's not difficult to write out what buyers need to know, and doing so doesn't have to create more work for you. Remember, I only spent 20 hours over the course of a year selling 20+ items online. You can follow the outline I've created in my free Gearflip Guide, which walks you through everything that helps me sell gear quickly and easily.

Selling online doesn't have to be a complicated or time-consuming process. I've outlined everything that works well for me in my free guide to save you time and help you secure those sales sooner, so you can enjoy some extra cash.

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