The Sony A7S2: How Does it Hold Up in 2023?


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May 11, 2023

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Eight years ago, Sony released the A7S2 camera that revolutionized the mirrorless market for professional settings. It had high image quality and a low light capability, all in a compact package. But how does it fare today in 2023? Watch as Josh takes this trusty camera out for a test spin. He'll explore the A7S2's build and quality, shooting modes, lighting situations, and overall experience shooting with it.


Build and Quality

Despite years of use and abuse, the A7S2 still holds up nicely. Its small size is easy to handle, and there's lots of customizability to get comfortable with. However, the screen is pretty dim when shooting in log, and autofocus isn't something to rely on too much. The battery life is also pretty poor, especially given today's standards. 

Shooting Modes

The A7S2 shoots 4K internally up to 30p and slow-mo up to 120fps in 1080p. However, the slow-mo comes with a heavy crop, but you can shoot 60fps with no crop. When shooting in log, it's best to push it up to slog 2 - s gamut 3.cine. Also, it's best not to push the 8-bit too much, but getting it right in the camera should prevent problems. Slog 2 is the way to go as slog is way too flat and will cause trouble in the coloring stage.

Lighting Situations

The A7S2 is tough to use in daylight shooting, but it's still great in night situations. For one, the screen on the back just isn't bright enough to always frame a good shot. Red colors can be harsh, but they can be brought down in the camera. fairly easily. Also, it's best not to rely too much on the autofocus, as a lot of these older cameras tend to not have the most robust features. 

Experience Shooting

Despite the battery life not being the best, you can get plenty of batteries for it. Autofocus is something not to rely on too much, but the Slog image is still great. Getting a good image means exposing right and taking the time to nail it in camera. The flip screen isn't just for vloggers; it's useful for getting your camera in a weird spot. The menu system is complained about, but you get used to it. It takes a little long to turn on and get ready to record, compared to the other cameras.


The image quality you can get out of this camera, even after being 8 years old, is still impressive. The low light capability is class-leading and still great today. The lens options are fantastic, and this lens and camera combo is under $2,000.

Who is This Camera For?

The A7S2 is great for someone wanting to get into filmmaking and buy a camera more directed for video. It's also great for professionals needing a second camera for shooting high-quality video but don't want to break the bank.

The Gear You Use

Despite what people say about cameras, you need to find the camera you enjoy shooting with. The goal behind gear should be making your projects come to life, and if you can't afford the newest camera, that's okay. In conclusion, the Sony A7S2 is still a great camera today, and it's definitely worth considering for your next project.

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