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Mar 20, 2023

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As you may have noticed, Gear Focus looks a little different now. Over the past three years, our site has seen tremendous growth to now house over 20,000 creators! While we were busy looking forward, we also kept our ear to the ground and  combed through countless user feature requests from our users. The new site is a culmination of YOUR feedback and we want to thank each and every one of you for contributing to a bigger and better Gear Focus!


Here are a few of our favorite new features and how to get started! 



Your New Shop (Get Started)

If you're a current seller on Gear Focus, you'll need to take the following steps to keep your account active and take advantage of all our new features.


1. Login to Gear Focus. Use the same username and password.

2. Follow the steps to onboard your shop. 


Better Security, Better Payouts 

As part of  seller and user onboarding we ask for a few more details than we did in the past. The extra 2 minutes it takes to fill out those details, are well worth it. Now, every seller is certified with a 3rd party security parter to guarantee their authenticity. We've also partnered with Stripe for our payout system which provides a more robust fraud system and quicker on-demand payouts. 

Complete Visual Overhaul 

All facets of the site have gone through a complete overhaul for a more fluid, fast and complete browsing experience. You'll notice a better messaging system, more transparency in seller profiles and better user reviews. Oh ya, you can also comment on blogs now. So…comment below! 




Shipping Labels & Improved Messaging 

Ever wanted to purchase a label right within your seller dashboard? Well, now you can! Alongside a price estimator, the new seller dash allows you to buy shipping labels all in one place. Our messaging system also went through a major refresh and now has the ability to attach images. 




Better Curation and Increased Exposure 

As Gear Focus has scaled, finding the gems has become increasingly harder. Our new platform will open up the floodgates for our staff of experts to handpick the best gear at the best value on the site.  New product pages and category pages will also host better SEO giving your listings more exposure to potential buyers. 




COMING SOON: Gear Focus App

We've only scratched the surface of what will launch in the next few months. Perhaps the most long-awaited (and most requested) has been a Gear Focus app. You’ll be able to sell quicker, receive real-time updates through push, and browse our marketplace whenever and wherever you are. Be on the lookout in the next months for it to hit app stores! 



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