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Oct 27, 2023

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Speaking with our community, we know trust and safety are priorities for sellers. And after that? Selling gear fast of course! Admittedly,  we've come to realize that many sellers don't realize that when you list on Gear Focus, your listings are shown on Google Shopping within 24-48 hours! 

We wanted to take some time to explain how this works and how you can prep your listings to be more attractive to the Google shopping feed. 
Your Listings, Now on Google Shopping!

When you list your gear for sale on Gear Focus, your listings now get showcased on Google Shopping within 24-48 hours, reaching millions of potential buyers worldwide. This incredible exposure means you have a greater chance of finding the right buyer for your equipment quickly and efficiently.

A Smart Way to Price Your Gear for a Fast Sale

Pricing your gear competitively is key to a swift sale. To help you determine the best price for your equipment, simply search for the model on Google Shopping. See what similar items are selling for and use that information to set a competitive price for your listing. Note: A lot of users will use terms like “used cameras under $1,000.” Making sure your camera gear is priced in the range of competing listings will ensure your listing shows up in a user's search result. 

Take Clear Photos

We trust this step won't be too much of a hurdle for our community! Taking clear photos of your gear is crucial to garnering attention in the google shopping. Remember, photos on Google Shopping scale down in size, so making sure your gear is present, front and center is important. Check out the video below for tips! 

Be Concise in the Title of Your Listing

Which of the following listings would you click on:

  1. SUPER GOOD DEAL!  Barely used and cheap Canon EOS M50 II! It comes with a bunch of accessories including the kit and a lens! Buy NoW!
  2. Canon EOS M50 II Kit w/ 15-45mm Lens & Box

The second example is the clear pick, because you understand what’s for sale and the information is presented in a professional way. We want to ensure that when you list an item, it’s easily found by potential buyers. Adding extra or incorrect information to your titles, descriptions and other fields makes finding your item more difficult. This is especially true in the google shopping feed. 

List Today! 

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to increase your gear's exposure and sell it quickly. List your gear today on Gear Focus and take advantage of our seamless integration with Google Shopping.


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