Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Gear Focus?

Gear Focus is a Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) and small Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketplace with the ultimate goal of improving the user experience when buying and selling camera equipment. 


2. Why should I buy or sell with Gear Focus?

Gear Focus created a safe marketplace for sellers to earn fair market value for their gear.  Sellers incur a small transaction fee of 3.5% after an item is sold, which is much lower than other auction sites.  A good portion of the transaction fees will be invested into web site improvements, SEO and marketing to increase traffic to the site and attract new buyers and sellers.

Buyers can save money on used gear from trusted sellers through a focused and robust marketplace rich with product information and videos, pricing history and transparency. For complete info on seller fees, visit our seller fees page.  


3. How do I buy and sell with Gear Focus?


Browse our categories and review the products. Use filters to narrow your search. Select a product you would like to purchase, then follow the checkout steps to input your payment method and complete your purchase.



List your items in the appropriate brand category, making sure to input pricing and descriptions based on product condition. Add pictures of your items, noting imperfections or damage as appropriate.Click here to see more about listing your products on Gear Focus. Once your item has sold, pack and ship using FedEx or UPS.  Enter valid tracking information within 24 to 48 hours.


4. How do I use or withdraw my Gear Focus balance?

Your Gear Focus balance will be released and available for purchases on Gear Focus or withdrawal to your bank account only after you have entered a valid credit card. This is to protect buyers and sellers by confirming the identity of the seller. In addition, a valid credit card is required to be on file in case a refund is needed on an order and your funds can't cover the return costs. 


5. What payment methods are accepted?

Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover


6. In What currency are the prices on Gear Focus listed? What currencies are accepted?

All prices on Gear Focus are listed in U.S. dollars. Your credit card company will automatically make the conversion for you when paying online. Be sure you are aware of the current exchange rate before making any purchases, and agree to the converted costs. Consult with your banking institution if you have questions regarding the exchange rate.


7. Does Gear Focus facilitate trade internationally?

Currently, Gear Focus is open to the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • China
  • France
  • Puerto Rico
  • Ireland

Sellers can choose to which countries they are willing to ship their listings. Simply add countries individually with different shipping costs for each listing, or select "All of these" to enable shipping to all available countries. You can read more about shipping policies here.

Don't worry, Gear Focus has upcoming plans to increase availability to other countries in the next phase of development! Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date for when we open in other countries. List your camera gear now. 


8. What are Gear Focus’ Terms and Conditions?

Gear Focus’ Terms and Conditions can be found here: https://www.gearfocus.com/terms-and-conditions.html


9. What is the return policy? 

All C2C sales are final unless indicated otherwise by the individual seller. Gear sold by camera shops will have their own return policies.  If a seller's return policy is not clearly stated in the description be sure to ask for this information in writing to avoid disputes after a sale.  

Read Buyer Protection page here for information about your rights as a buyer: https://www.gearfocus.com/buyer-protection.html


10. Does Gear Focus offer warranties?

Every purchase and sale is covered by our Gear Focus Protection.  

However, Gear Focus does not currently offer any explicit or implied warranties, nor any third party warranties. We are always seeking ways to improve the user experience, so this feature may be implemented at a later date. We aim to bring the best possible experience with the right tools and solutions for our customers. Sellers may offer additional warranties on their own accord or through a third party and any warranty disputes are the responsibility of those parties and not Gear Focus.


11. How should I pack my gear for shipment?

The equipment should be packed in the original packaging if possible. If you no longer have it, don’t worry! Make sure each piece is individually wrapped in bubble wrap, newspaper, or another protective material. Use tape to secure the packaging. Choose a box that snugly fits the wrapped items, making sure not to leave extra room that might allow the items to jostle and get damaged. If there is extra space, fill it with crumpled paper, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap

Orders are shipped by the seller directly to the buyer. All items should be appropriately packaged to avoid damage in transit. We recommend using USPS, FedEx or UPS to ship.

Consider purchasing insurance when you ship.  In the event of damage due to shipping you (the seller) are likely to be at fault.


12. Why is tracking required?

Tracking information is required for all orders placed on Gear Focus. This is to ensure shipments are delivered and received. See more information on payouts here. Providing tracking information also helps protect you from lost or stolen packages, and gives you a tangible defense if a buyer falsely or fraudulently claims they didn't receive their order.


13. I shipped my item(s), now what?

Ship your items via FedEx or UPS for package insurance and tracking. Once you've sold your item, pack it up as suggested above and drop off at the carrier. You'll receive a tracking number for your package which you can then enter under the order details page for the order. Find more information on adding tracking to your order here. For more information on Gear Focus's payout policy, please click here.


14. What do I do after I receive my purchased item?

After receiving your order, you will need to login and confirm receipt. Simply navigate to the order details section of your order under the "Buying" > "My purchases" tab and click "Confirm Delivery." If everything is as expected, you can now leave feedback for the seller and your order is complete. If there are any issues with your order, you can reach out to the seller via the "Messages" tab on your order page.


15. What if I can’t find a product on your site?

Be sure to use the appropriate filters when searching for items. If an item cannot be found, it is possible that there are no products of that type available. Our experts are happy to make recommendations for comparable equipment. Keep in mind that new items are added every day to our site! Be sure to check back from time to time, as our inventory has a quick turnaround.