Gear Focus Protection

Gear Focus Buyer & Seller Protection

  • ProtectionsSafe and Secure Transactions

    Gear Focus offers safe and secure transactions with protections for buyers and sellers.

  • Privacy PolicyPhotographer/Filmmaker Employee Monitoring

    All orders and transactions are monitored by seasoned photographers and filmmakers, who have years of experience buying/selling gear.

  • ShippingSeller Return Policy

    Though our default return options should suit you just fine, sellers have the ability to adjust their return policies.

  • Verified SellersVerified Sellers

    Secure email and phone verification allows us to verify seller accounts before products are listed.

One of the major reasons we started Gear Focus was with the intention of making buying and selling used camera equipment a safe and more affordable experience. Gear Focus is 100% committed to ensuring that every sale is completed with full satisfaction to both buyer and seller. In the event of any issues that buyers and sellers cannot resolve themselves, our staff will communicate with both parties to review the details of the issue and work towards a resolution.

We’ve heard and experienced first-hand all the horror stories of people trying to buy or sell camera equipment in person after advertising the item online. With Gear Focus, you can rest assured that you will safely and securely receive exactly the item that you purchased. And you always know you'll be paid for selling your camera equipment. We have admins who are photographers and videographers themselves monitoring all sign-ups, listings, and interactions. Since we all know the gear, we can see red flags from a mile away. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to eliminate scammers and dishonest sellers. Our goal is to create a community of like-minded professionals and enthusiasts who take pride in offering the best pictures, descriptions, and overall experience. We are in this together and having a community of trusted users helps feed everyone's passion, while saving them time and money.

Gear Focus works hard for both our buyers and our sellers to eliminate fraud and protect users that feel they have been the victim of a sale in bad faith. In the unlikely event that you feel you received the wrong item, the item wasn’t as described, or the gear was faulty in some other way, Gear Focus will work with you and the seller to reach an agreeable resolution.

Enhanced Seller Security

Gear Focus is now requiring email and phone verification when listing gear for sale. This is another step in protecting our buyers and sellers from fraudulent listings. Verify your email and phone number now to avoid having your listings deactivated. You will need to verify your information prior to being able to list items on Gear Focus.

Verify your phone and email

Gear Focus offers sellers the ability to set their own payment and return policies! We recommend outlining your exact shipping and payment policies by editing your shop page policies. You can even set these policies PER ITEM listed if you’d like. We also highly encourage honest and upfront listing details, with photos and details outlining the exact condition of your gear. As the adage goes, "treat others as you want to be treated." Once your item sells, simply add tracking and remember to ship with signature required service to be fully protected. If you are unsure of how to list your gear or need suggestions on setting an accurate price, we are here to help! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Peace of Mind for Buyers

Buyers have nothing to fear when buying through Gear Focus! Unlike sites like Craigslist where you have no protections in place, Gear Focus offers peace of mind so you know you will receive exactly what you pay for - every time. Sellers are required to submit email and phone verification prior to listing on Gear Focus. In this way you KNOW you are only dealing with verified real people, that are actually looking to sell their gear. You’ll never have to worry about “ghosts” posting fraudulent or non-existent items! We also provide sellers with the ability to set their own return and payment policies, so be sure to read through the entire listing before making a purchase.


If you are  unsatisfied with your purchase, your first step in dispute resolution is to contact the seller. Oftentimes, the issue can be easily rectified. However, if you still feel that the gear needs to be returned, submit a return request with the seller. Here you can elaborate on any issues/concerns with a direct message to the seller. The seller will receive a notification of return request and will have an opportunity to respond directly. If after 72 hours you still haven’t received a response from the seller, please contact Gear Focus so we can help you resolve the situation.

Sellers are given the ability to set their own return policies within the “Shop Policies” section of their account. The default return policy is:

Used Items - Return request must be done within 5 days of the delivery date.

New Items - Return request must be done within 10 days of the delivery date.

General Return Terms & Conditions

All items must be returned in as-shipped condition with original packaging and no signs of mis-use. The buyer shall assume responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described.

Refund - Buyer receives full refund minus any shipping costs, unless otherwise agreed with seller.

The default return policy will work perfectly for 99% of orders, however we leave it with the seller ultimately to determine if anything needs to be changed. This gives you total control over how you will handle your listings.