75mm ARRI Master Prime Lens (PL Mount)

75mm ARRI Master Prime Lens (PL Mount)
The ARRI Master Prime 75mm lens offers excellent resolution, superior contrast and color reproduction, and maintains a T1.3 aperture for shallow depth field visuals. This lens is part of a comprehensive set that ranges from 12mm to 150mm, all of which are full-frame compatible and hold the hallmark color fidelity of Zeiss. Its nine-blade iris renders a filmic bokeh, while a pair of floating elements yield close-focus excellence, concurrently curbing focus breathing. Employing a T*XP coating, these lenses avert distracting reflections and accentuate contrast, while their aspherical design effectively counteracts chromatic aberration, ensuring stellar image quality, precise keying, and corner sharpness at wide apertures. Common front diameter facilitates matte box or filter interchanging. It features an LDS system to record lens data and phosphorescent engravings to assist in dim settings. Weighing 6.2 pounds, the lens measures 8 inches and provides a focus distance scale in feet, which can be converted to metric by a trained technician.
SeriesMaster Prime
Model75mm T1.3
MSP Price$29,740.00

Product Highlights

  • Compatible with Super-35 Sensors
  • Broad T1.3 Aperture
  • Controlled Focus Breathing
  • Enhanced Flare Resistance