Angenieux Optimo Prime 18mm T2 Visualizing Lens (Feet)

Angenieux Optimo Prime 18mm T2 Visualizing Lens (Feet)
The Angenieux Optimo Prime 18mm T2 Lens is a PL mount lens equipped with a high-speed T2 maximum aperture, hardware support for lens data transmission with Cooke /i and ARRI LDS, an interchangeable iris blade module, 320° focus turning, and customizable bokeh. It upholds a harmonizing color profile with all Optimo series including the Optimo zoom lenses. Each lens in the collection incorporates nonlinear zoom and iris, embedded glass optical components, and an optional rear filter. The Optimo Prime lenses possess a 95mm front diameter (excluding the 200mm), simplifying lens swapping without modifying your focus motor or matte box configurations.
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Product Highlights

  • Capable of Covering Full-Frame Sensors, PL Mount
  • Equipped with Rear Filter Option, 320° Focus Turning Capacity
  • Interchangeable Iris Blade Module with Optics
  • Support for Cooke /i and LDS Metadata