Angenieux Optimo Prime 75mm T1.8 Lens

Angenieux Optimo Prime 75mm T1.8 Lens
The Angenieux Optimo Prime 75mm T1.8 Lens, with its PL-mount design, includes a fast T1.8 maximum aperture, the ability to transmit Cooke /i and ARRI LDS lens metadata, a flexible iris blade unit, a broad 320° focus rotation, and a user-adjustable bokeh. It carries a consistent colour profile with the entire Optimo range, inclusive of the Optimo zoom lenses. Every lens from this series features nonlinear zoom and iris, internal glass optical elements, and an option for a rear filter. Except for the 200mm, each of the Optimo Prime lenses possesses a 95mm front diameter, which simplifies the lens swapping procedure without requiring alterations to your focus motor or matte box arrangements.
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Product Highlights

  • Full-Frame Sensor Coverage, PL Mount
  • Back Filter Option, 320° Focus Rotation
  • Interchangeable Iris Blade Unit and Optics
  • Cooke /i and LDS Metadata Transmission