ARRI 25mm T1.3 Master Prime Lens with PL Mount

ARRI 25mm T1.3 Master Prime Lens with PL Mount
The ARRI 25mm T1.3 Master Prime lens represents a stellar series produced by ARRI/Zeiss, known for their high resolution, enhanced contrast, negligible breathing, and bright T1.3 aperture for pronounced bokeh effects. With focal lengths ranging from 12mm to 150mm, these lenses promote uniform skin tones and hues as part of Zeiss's distinguished color reproduction. Each lens in this series is harmonized in color for consistency. A diaphragm of nine or more blades ensures a cinematographic bokeh with clear focus fall-off. Dual floating elements optimize close-focus capabilities while curbing breathing during focusing transitions. Equipped with T*XP coating, it curbs glare and enriches contrast for superior image output. Designed with aspherical components, the lens significantly reduces chromatic aberrations and ensures pristine image clarity with retained resolution even when shooting wide open or at minimal focusing distance. It includes a PL mount, integrates an LDS system for lens data communication, and offers an expansive focus scale with vivid, fluorescent markings for operating in low light. The dedicated focus ring contains both feet and metric indicators and is built to allow reversal by certified technicians. The 25mm Master Prime Lens maintains a minimum focusing distance of 14 inches, exhibits focus marks in feet, strikes a balance with a weight of 5.1 pounds, and a concise 8-inch length. This lens series facilitates workflow with uniform positioning of focus, iris, and zoom rings, suitable for use with follow focus systems and F/I/Z wireless units. Most lenses in this set, including the 25mm, preserve a standard 114mm front diameter for compatible use of matte boxes and filters.
SeriesMaster Prime
Model25mm T1.3
MSP Price$27,350.00

Product Highlights

  • Accommodates Super-35 Sensors
  • Bright T1.3 Aperture
  • Minimized Lens Breathing
  • Enhanced Flare Resistance