ARRI 65mm Master Prime Cinema Lens (PL Mount)

ARRI 65mm Master Prime Cinema Lens (PL Mount)
The ARRI 65mm Master Prime represents a component of the esteemed Master Prime collection crafted by ARRI and Zeiss, renowned for exceptional resolution, advanced contrast, nominal breathing, and a swift T1.3 aperture that permits a shallow depth of field. This sequence comprises 16 lenses from 12mm to 150mm, which are acclaimed for their naturalistic skin tones and consistent color rendition. The primes are engineered for color correspondence across the assortment, assuring uniformity in your footage. The beautifully rounded bokeh effect stems from the lens's nine-blade diaphragm, contributing to its cinematic quality. By using dual floating elements, these lenses uphold superior close-focusing capabilities while minimizing breathing throughout focus adjustments. The T*XP coating of the lens effectively mitigates flares and elevates contrast. The Master Primes, including this 65mm lens, are constructed with aspherical elements to sharply diminish chromatic aberrations and guarantee exceptional image quality, with benefits extending to easier chroma-keying. Furthermore, their resolution is robust, retaining sharpness at full aperture and close distances. All lenses in this series support a PL mount and feature integrated LDS for lens data communication with compatible devices. An extensive focus scale facilitates accurate marking, enhanced by glowing engravings to aid in dim environments. The focus ring is detailed with measure in feet that can be switched to metric by professionals. With a minimum focus distance of 26 inches, moderate weight of 5.7 pounds, and a succinct length of 8 inches, the elegant lens design promotes consistent positioning of its rings, simplifying the use of accessories like follow focus or wireless systems. A standardized 114mm front diameter across most Master Primes lets filmmakers utilize the same filters or matte box adapters.
SeriesMaster Prime
MSP Price$29,740.00

Product Highlights

  • Compatible with Super-35 sensors
  • T1.3 aperture for depth field control
  • Negligible lens breathing
  • Exceptional flare reduction