ARRI Master Prime 27mm Lens (PL, in Meters)

ARRI Master Prime 27mm Lens (PL, in Meters)
Belonging to a set of 16 ARRI/Zeiss lenses, the 27mm Master Prime boasts superior resolution, high contrast, negligible breathing, and a rapid T1.3 aperture for shallow depth of field. Varying from 12mm to 150mm, Master Primes offer the color rendition and skin tones Zeiss is celebrated for. Each lens in this set allows for consistent color matching. These lenses include an iris with at least nine blades, yielding cinematic bokeh with a strong focus fall-off. The dual floating elements provide excellent close-focus performance and minimize focusing-based breathing. Finally, the sophisticated T*XP coating, increases contrast and curbs reflections and glare. Integrated with aspherical elements to drastically reduce chromatic aberration, the ARRI/Zeiss Master Primes offer optimum image clarity and easy chroma-keying process. High resolution is retained up to the image corners even when used with wide aperture and close focus. Each lens is equipped with a PL mount and a built-in LDS for transferring lens data to cameras which are compatible. The broad focus scale has an abundant space for marks and is equipped with fluorescent engravings for easy viewing in dimly lit settings. The focus ring has both feet and metric markings and can be switched from one to the other by a professional technician. This 27mm Master Prime Lens has a front diameter of 114mm, making it identical to most lenses in the Master Prime family and simplifying the use of matte boxes, filters, and adapters. Its key features include a minimum focus distance of 14", focus markings in meters, a light weight of 4.9 pounds, and an 8" compact length. Uniform positioning of focus, iris, and zoom rings allow for simplified use with F/I/Z wireless systems, zoom controls, and follow focus.
MSP Price$27,350.00

Product Highlights

  • Supports Super-35 Sensor Size
  • Swift T1.3 Aperture Allows Shallow Depth of Field
  • Nearly No Lens Breathing
  • Significant Reduction in Flare