ARRI Signature Prime 21mm T1.8 Cinema Lens

ARRI Signature Prime 21mm T1.8 Cinema Lens
The ARRI Signature Prime 21mm T1.8 is a diverse lens compatible with cameras possessing a full-frame, large-format sensor, inclusive of a broad spectrum of focal distances and corresponding zoom optics. The nature of the lens generates a genuine feel with refined bokeh, subtle lens flare, and significant low-light performance, ideal for shallow depth contexts. Exemplary for rendering lifelike skin tones and profound black levels, the ARRI Signature Prime enhances subject delineation via a gradational focus drop-off. Customizable diffusion methods can be achieved with the inclusion of the Signature Prime's magnetic rear net holder. Rounded bokeh is accomplished with the 11-blade iris, and the lens promotes minimal breathing with its telecentric design. Constructed from magnesium and aluminum for a balance between robustness and portability, the focus ranges down to 5.1 inches from the front element, marking its utility in diverse filming scenarios.
SeriesSignature Prime
Model21mm T1.8
MSP Price$29,740.00

Product Highlights

  • Full Large-Format Sensor Support
  • ARRI LPL LDS-2 Standard Mount
  • In-built Magnetic Filter Slot
  • Aperture Range of T1.8 to T22