ARRI Signature Prime 35mm T1.8 Cinema Lens - Measure in Feet

ARRI Signature Prime 35mm T1.8 Cinema Lens - Measure in Feet
Built to be agnostic to the camera system, ARRI Signature Primes with an adaptable LPL mount are known for their versatile focal lengths and matching zoom optics. Representing a full suite of lenses, this 35mm prime supports full-frame and larger image sensors. It is characterized by natural-looking images, harmonious bokeh, controlled flare, and a wide aperture for shallow depth fields. The look is slightly softened for a flattering large-format aesthetic, with notable rendering of skin colors. Out-of-focus areas are delicately defocused, enhancing subject isolation. Unique diffusion and special effects can be achieved using the lens' magnetic rear filter slot. The eleven-blade iris construction crafts a pleasing bokeh, while the thoughtful optical design reduces focus breathing. It accepts both ARRI LDS-1 and Cooke's /i communication protocols. Robustly engineered with lightweight magnesium and aluminum, the Signature Prime lenses offer ease of use and resilience, along with clear focus markings in feet, AR reflective coatings, and strategic light-blocking to prevent internal glare. Should repair be necessary, ARRI facilitates convenient servicing of lens mechanics.
SeriesSignature Prime
Model35mm T1.8
MSP Price$28,540.00

Product Highlights

  • Full-frame Sensor Compatibility
  • Modifiable LPL LDS-2 Mount System
  • Magnetic Slot for Rear Filters
  • Aperture Range: T1.8 to T22