ARRI Signature Prime 40mm T1.8 Cinema Lens (Measurement in Feet)

ARRI Signature Prime 40mm T1.8 Cinema Lens (Measurement in Feet)
As part of ARRI's Signature Prime series, the 40mm T1.8 cinema lens is constructed to serve multiple sensor sizes, including full-frame, with its expansive image circle. The mid-range focal length of this lens is tailored to render a softer large-format aesthetic while maintaining sharp and vivid color contrast. Skin tones are rendered naturally, set against smooth background separation. The customizable magnetic rear net holder and an eleven-blade iris create a stunning bokeh and precise artistic control. Energy-efficient in design, the lens is easy-to-handle at 4.2 pounds and streamlined at 7 inches in length.
SeriesSignature Prime
Model40mm T1.8
MSP Price$28,540.00

Product Highlights

  • Accommodates Full-Frame Sensors
  • LPL LDS-2 Lens Mount
  • Magnetic Rear Filter Slot
  • T1.8 Maximum Aperture, Variably Closing to T22