ARRI Signature Prime 58mm T1.8 Lens

ARRI Signature Prime 58mm T1.8 Lens
Crafted for open-platform use, unrelated to specific cameras, the adaptable LPL-mount ARRI Signature Primes boast customizable aesthetic effects, a plethora of focal distances, and compatible zoom lenses for seamless integration. The 58mm T1.8, part of the entire 16-prime array, envelops up to full-frame, large-format image sensors. This particular focal length yields ethereal imagery true to life, bokeh that captures the essence of your subject, muted lens flares, and the capacity for narrow depth of field. This prime lens skillfully tailors the broad-format aesthetic while rendering lifelike complexion hues and well-defined shadows. Subjects distinctly stand out due to the graceful focus drop-off. Enhance your imagery with bespoke diffusion and variations by employing the lens's magnetic rear holder for filtration materials. An eleven-blade diaphragm ensures softened bokeh, while its telecentric build reduces focus breathing. The built-in LDS-2 lens data system offers compatibility with previous ARRI LDS-1 iterations and interfaces with Cooke's /i Tech. Composed of magnesium bodies coupled with aluminum gear circles, every Signature Prime assures portability, resilience to the elements, and displays distance marks in feet. Purposeful anti-glare layers, internal screens, and traps avert internal reflections. In the event mishaps occur, the lens's inner workings allow simplified servicing at an ARRI facility. Focus on this 58mm ARRI Signature Prime winningly begins at a mere 9 inches from the foremost part of the lens, boasts featherweight properties at 4.6 pounds, and measures a condensed 7 inches in length.
SeriesSignature Prime
Model58mm T1.8
MSP Price$28,540.00

Product Highlights

  • Full Large-Format Sensor Coverage
  • Configurable LPL LDS-2 Mount
  • Customizable Magnetic Rear Filtration Slot
  • f/1.8 to f/22 Aperture Spectrum