ARRI Signature Prime Lens - 95mm T1.8

ARRI Signature Prime Lens - 95mm T1.8
Crafted for variety and consistency across different sensor sizes, including full-frame, the ARRI Signature Prime Lenses exude a magnetic charm with custom rear filter options, diverse focal lengths, and matching zooms. The 95mm T1.8 is part of this family, delivering enchanting bokeh, nuanced flare effects, optimal aperture settings for depth of field control, and a delicate balance between large-format sharpness and creamy softness on out-of-focus elements. The integrated rear net holder enables inventive diffusion effects, while the eleven-blade iris creates smoothly rounded bokeh. Its telecentric construction keeps breathing to a negligible minimum. ARRI's cutting-edge LDS-2 system complements previous technologies, ensuring backward compatibility and communication with Cooke's /i Technology. The lens touts a robust yet lightweight build, crafted from magnesium and aluminum, and is engineered for quick servicing after heavy-duty use. With an anti-reflective coating and internal mechanisms designed to reduce flare, this ARRI Signature Prime harmoniously unites durability and optical finesse.
SeriesSignature Prime
Model95mm T1.8
MSP Price$28,540.00

Product Highlights

  • Full-frame sensor compatibility
  • Employs ARRI LPL Mount with LDS-2 Support
  • Rear Magnetic Filter Slot
  • Wide Aperture Spectrum - T1.8 to T22