ARRI Ultra Prime 12mm T2.0 Wide-Angle Lens

ARRI Ultra Prime 12mm T2.0 Wide-Angle Lens
ARRI's Ultra Prime 12mm T2.0 wide-angle lens, fitted with a PL mount, is designed to cover the Super35 sensor format. This particular model is situated at the wider end of the Ultra Prime lenses, ranging from 8mm to 180mm. With a reputation for compact and lightweight design, these lenses are perfectly matched to the ARRI Master Prime series and accommodate both high definition and film camera systems. The Ultra Primes boast outstanding image rendition, color fidelity, and optimized skin tone rendering, characteristic of ARRI/ZEISS partnership. The T* XP coating reduces unwanted glare and diminishes reflections. The 12mm Ultra Prime possesses a close focus of just 12 inches and features a swift T2.0 maximum aperture for achieving delicate depth-of-field imagery. Made to diminish focus breathing, this lens ensures an uninterrupted cinematic experience. All lenses in the series showcase centralized focus and iris gear positions, which aids in quick lens changes without needing to adjust lens-mounted accessories. Unlike most Ultra Primes that have a 95mm front, the 12mm version comes with a 156mm front diameter.
SeriesUltra Prime
Model12mm T2.0
MSP Price$27,470.00

Product Highlights

  • Super35 Sensor Coverage
  • PL Mount Engraving
  • Aperture Range: T2.0 to T22
  • Geared Control Rings