ARRI Ultra Prime 180mm T1.9 Lens

ARRI Ultra Prime 180mm T1.9 Lens
Sporting a PL mount and designed to cover the Super-35 format, the ARRI Ultra Prime 180mm T1.9 lens is a telephoto focal length from the extensive Ultra Prime series ranging from 8mm to 180mm. The Ultra Primes are renowned for their compact form and lower weight, which complements the high speed of ARRI Master Prime series. They are suitable for HD and film camera systems, exhibiting uniform color rendering across the entire ARRI lens line-up. Known for excellent image production, saturated colors, and lifelike skin representations, the ARRI/Zeiss partnership ensures consistent quality. All lenses in this series offer T* XP coating to diminish unwanted glare and reduce reflections. The 180mm lens grants a minimal close focusing distance of 8.6 inches, and the wide aperture of T1.9 permits capturing images with a shallow depth of field while maintaining minimal focus breathing to avoid distracting viewers during focus transition. Dual-sided focus markings enable simple operation for focus assistants, and standardized 0.8 Mod focus and iris gears meld seamlessly with manual or wireless control systems. All 15 lenses in the Ultra Prime series have the same focus and iris gear placements, allowing rapid lens changes without accessory realignment. Note that unlike most Ultra Primes that feature a 95mm front diameter, this telephoto lens sports a larger 114mm front.
SeriesUltra Prime
Model180mm T1.9
MSP Price$23,880.00

Product Highlights

  • Super-35 Format Coverage
  • PL Lens Mount Integration
  • Aperture Range from T1.9 to T22
  • Geared Rings for Focusing and Aperture Adjustment