Canon 24mm Sumire Prime T1.5 PL Mount Lens

Canon 24mm Sumire Prime T1.5 PL Mount Lens
Canon's 24mm Sumire Prime T1.5 is a manual-focus cine lens engineered for both full-frame and Super 35 sensor formats that delivers high-resolution sharpness conducive to 4K filmmaking. This PL-mount lens features focus indicators marked in feet and promises superior center-to-edge sharpness. Designed to produce aesthetic close-up portraits, the lens's expansive T1.5 maximum aperture contributes to a pleasant bokeh with its 11-blade diaphragm. A remarkable feature of this lens is its 300° rotation from close focus to infinity, offering precise focusing control. Additionally, it is constructed to suppress focus breathing and possesses dual-sided focus markings, with rear indicators on an angled surface for improved visibility. Several marks incorporate a luminescent coating for better visibility in low light environments. The Sumire series lenses maintain consistent front barrel diameter, rotation, and gear positioning, enabling efficient lens changes during shoots.
SeriesSumire Prime
Model24mm T1.5
MSP Price$7,410.00

Product Highlights

  • Cinema-Grade 4K Optics Support
  • Full-Frame and Super 35 Sensor Compatibility
  • Character-Rich Imaging Qualities
  • Bright T1.5 Aperture with 11-Blade Diaphragm