Cooke 14mm S4/i T2 Cinema Lens with PL Mount

Cooke 14mm S4/i T2 Cinema Lens with PL Mount
Cooke's 14mm S4/i T2 Prime Lens presents outstanding optical quality, integrates /i Technology for crucial metadata acquisition, and exhibits a user-friendly design with precision focusing mechanisms. Engineered to cover the Super35 sensor format, the lens boasts a consistent aperture range from T2.0 to T22, focus markings in metric and imperial units, and harmonious color rendering alongside other contemporary Cooke cinematic lenses. It stands out for its flare, distortion, veiling glare, and spherical aberration suppression even at wide-open aperture. The PL mount ensures wide compatibility with leading cinema cameras.
Model14mm T2 Prime
MSP Price$20,400.00

Product Highlights

  • Super35 Sensor Compatibility
  • Broad Aperture of T2.0
  • Cooke's Color Consistency
  • /i Metadata Transmission