Cooke 18mm T2.2 Panchro/i Classic Cinema Prime Lens - PL Mount

Cooke 18mm T2.2 Panchro/i Classic Cinema Prime Lens - PL Mount
Introducing the redesigned Cooke 18mm T2.2 Panchro/i Classic Prime Lens, an exquisite blend of the iconic ‘Cooke Look’ with modern i/Technology for advanced data capture. Compatible with both film and digital cinema cameras and offering marked focus scales in feet, this prime lens supports image formats up to Super 35. The 18mm focal length is part of a broader suite, exhibiting a smooth nine-blade iris for pleasing bokeh. Designed to maintain superior correction of aberrations, flare, and distortion across the full aperture spectrum, the Panchro/i Classic series promises consistent visuals akin to Cooke's S4/i, 5/i, mini S4/i, and Anamorphic/i lenses. Equipped with a sturdy PL mount and i/Technology connectivity, each lens relays critical information such as focal length and depth of field to compatible recording systems. This 18mm lens also boasts a close minimum focus of 4.6", a manageable weight of 3.5 lbs, and a concise 3.4" build, integrating 0.8-mod gearings for focus and iris to facilitate the use of auxiliary focus, zoom, and wireless systems. The lens construction includes copious focus markers and the hallmark Cooke cam-style focus for precise adjustments during filming.
SeriesPanchro/i Classic
Model18mm T2.2
MSP Price$11,900.00

Product Highlights

  • Iconic Cooke ‘Cooke Look’ Blended with i/Technology
  • Designed for Super 35 Sensor Coverage
  • Sturdy PL Mount Integrated with i/Technology
  • Aperture Range: T2.2 to T22