Cooke 21mm Panchro/i Classic T2.2 Prime Lens for Full Frame (PL Mount)

Cooke 21mm Panchro/i Classic T2.2 Prime Lens for Full Frame (PL Mount)
The Cooke 21mm Panchro/i Classic Prime Lens fuses the classic warmth of the famous Cooke Speed Panchro optics with modern /i Technology for lens metadata integration. This full frame lens is compatible with both film and advanced digital cinema cameras, featuring dual focus scales in feet and offering expansive coverage for full frame sensors. Available in multiple focal lengths, this 21mm lens boasts a nine-leaf iris, producing a soft out-of-focus quality, and maintains a common 110mm front size across the series. The design ensures optimized correction for aberration, flare, and distortion across the full aperture range of T2.2 to T22. The Panchro/i Classic Prime series is harmoniously color balanced with Cooke's renowned S4/i, 5/i, mini S4/i, and Anamorphic/i lenses. The lens is fortified with a durable PL mount and features Cooke's /i Technology for transmitting key lens data to compatible filmmaking equipment. With a close focus limit of 4.1” and lightweight build, the lens is designed for convenience on set. It also incorporates industry-standard 0.8 MOD focus and iris gears compatible with a myriad of filmmaking systems. The meticulously designed focus scale, along with Cooke's proprietary cam-style focus mechanics, enable precise focus adjustments for filmmakers.
SeriesPanchro/i Classic
Model21mm T2.2
MSP Price$14,300.00

Product Highlights

  • Classic Cooke Panchro Aesthetic
  • Full Frame Image Coverage
  • Durable PL Mount Enhanced with /i Data Capabilities
  • Aperture Range of T2.2 to T22