Cooke 32mm S4/i Cine Prime Lens (PL Mount)

Cooke 32mm S4/i Cine Prime Lens (PL Mount)
Cooke's 32mm S4/i Cine Prime Lens boasts superior optical performance, integrating /i Technology for comprehensive lens data protocol, and a user-friendly mechanical design allowing for fluid focus adjustments. With a wide aperture range from T2 to T22, this lens offers precise focus scaling in both feet and meters, ensuring consistency with other contemporary Cooke cine optics. The S4/i lens substantially curtails flare, distortion, veiling glare, and aberrations at maximum aperture. Equipped with a PL mount, this lens melds seamlessly with numerous professional cine cameras.
Model32mm T2
MSP Price$17,900.00

Product Highlights

  • Super35 Sensor Coverage
  • T2 Maximum Aperture
  • Cooke Color Harmony
  • /i Lens Data Transmission