Optimo Prime 28mm T1.8 Lens by Angenieux (Feet)

Optimo Prime 28mm T1.8 Lens by Angenieux (Feet)
The Optimo Prime 28mm T1.8 Lens brought to you by Angenieux is a cinema lens with a PL mount. It offers a rapid T1.8 aperture, data transmission of Cooke /i and ARRI LDS lens data, a changeable iris blade, 320° focus rotation, and a customizable bokeh. This lens exhibits similar color characteristics to the entire Optimo series, including the Optimo zoom lenses. Each lens in this series additionally features a nonlinear zoom, iris, internal optical elements of glass, and an optional rear filter. Besides the 200mm, all Optimo Prime lenses have a 95mm front diameter, facilitating easy lens replacement without disturbing your matte box or focus motor configurations.

Product Highlights

  • Covers Full-Frame Sensors and PL Mount
  • Rear Filter Option with 320° Focus Rotation
  • Iris Blade and Optical Units can be Replaced
  • Support for Cooke /i and LDS Metadata