Tripods & Monopods

Every photographer or videographer that has ever shot telephoto understands the importance of a good and stable tripod. A quality tripod or monopod can be a lifesaver when you need a static video shot, or when you are shooting long-exposure photography. When lighting conditions are not optimal, a tripod or monopod can save the day! Support your expensive (and fragile!) digital camera or video camera with a new or used camera tripod or monopod from Gear Focus.

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Gear Focus has many of the top brands of tripods and monopods like Manfrotto, Benro, Vanguard, and more! Tripods and monopods are generally pretty tough and resilient, and can take years of abuse. Therefore, it makes sense to shop our selection of used camera tripods or monopods for sale rather than paying full retail for a new unit. Some things to keep in mind when shopping for a new or used tripod:

  • Tallest/shortest height - How tall will you need this to extend to at maximum height? How low to the ground is the tripod capable of shrinking down to?
  • Weight - Heavier tripods tend to be sturdier and more durable, however they are cumbersome to carry. Where do you intend to be lugging the tripod?
  • Ease of use - Consider the style of fasteners for the legs and determine which will be easiest to use for your intended application.

If you have a new or used tripod or monopod that you are looking to sell, list with Gear Focus for FREE and don't pay any fees until your item sells! Gear Focus has the lowest selling rates of any reputable online marketplace. Know that you are dealing with fellow photographers and videographers when you list your used camera tripod for sale with Gear Focus. Gear Focus was founded in 2019 by photographers and videographers to create a cost-effective, convenient, easy, and FAST way to sell new and used camera gear.