Listing Tips


Great, you're ready to sell your new or used camera gear! Check out the Gear Focus tips and tricks below for listing your gear. Read here for more information on how to list your items!

1. Pricing 

Obviously, the most important part of your listing is going to be the price. Use our price guide to help determine the approximate value of your gear. Keep in mind that the more competitively you price your gear, the more likely and quickly you are to sell.

2. Descriptive Text 

This may seem like a no-brainer, but being descriptive of all that is included will really boost your chance of selling. Some sellers that are in a rush to post their gear skip this step, and only list the make/model of the gear. Is the item used? How used? Is it fully operational? Like new condition? Just for parts? Is the lens cap pictured also included? And so on, and so on. Describe why you are selling, and how conflicted you are about letting this particular piece of gear go! Another tip if selling a camera/lens: post a picture/video taken with that piece of gear to show the quality that can be expected from the buyer.

3. Pictures! 

Another easy step that can sometimes be ignored by less motivated sellers: quality images. They don't have to be Pulitzer-worthy images, but they should clearly show the gear. Also keep in mind that you are selling gear to a photographer/videographer user base! Blurry pictures, or stock manufacturer pictures will not help sell your gear. Crisp, clear images can go a long way when trying to sell a used piece of camera gear.

4. Shipping 

Lay out in clear terms where you are willing to ship your items to, and how much it will cost.  You can read more about our shipping terms here. Once your item sells, simply add tracking and remember to ship with signature required service to be fully protected. Another tip to boost your chances of selling: offer free shipping on your item. This shows a serious and motivated seller that buyers are likely to take notice of - and everyone likes to save a few bucks!

5. Offer to Ship to Multiple Countries 

Another feature to consider is whether you are willing to ship to other countries besides the US. When you list an item, you will see the option to add other countries you are willing to ship your used camera gear to and set a different price for each, or offer to ship to any of the countries we are currently available to, at a flat fee. This widens your audience dramatically and our stats current show a 35% increase in selling your gear quickly. 

Further Reading and Information

Learn how to list your gear on Gear Focus

Check out our Guide for First-Time Sellers blog for even more helpful information on selling your gear! If you still have questions, contact us for more information any time! And be sure to sign up for our seller training course for a personal one-on-one training program to start selling your gear better, faster, and fore more money! Gear Focus is here for YOU, and we want to help facilitate your success in any way we can so that we can grow together as a community of like-minded photographers and filmmakers.