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2 EXO (Blackhawk 2) Mini PRO Camera Drones- TWO-FER!


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December 04, 2023


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YES, There are two, TWO Pro Mini drones worth $1,800 new, with 4K 48MP Camera, 3-axis Gimbal, Brushless Motors, 5 mile range, GPS, 128G internal memory and a bunch of automatic modes built in, like Point of interest (orbit), waypoints follow mode and Obstacle Avoidance.  When I tested these here I flew them about 3 times, and one of the times one of the drones ticked a low hanging leaf on a overhanging branch and ended up making a soft landing in the tall weeds (did not even nick the propeller), gimbal tilt seemed goofy to me at the time (may not be related), though after firmware updates it seemed to not reappear, but this is the sole reason I'm including TWO fully functional drones together as it did happen once and I can't in good conscience sell it outright in case it happens again, that's not the way I roll. They are complete kits, one with 1 battery and 1 with 2 batteries, extra props, charging block, cables, remote, manuals, drone body and case.  The video where I flew these products is here: . I tested these and charged the batteries up right before creating this listing and they both flew great, sat in place, hovered and the video looked good.  I’ll be selling these at a steep discount and you’ll get BOTH!  And yes, I think these work decent but at the new price from EXO are simply overpriced. These are marked down to a more reasonable price accordingly, so you're welcome. With two drones you have a "backup" if you do something stupid, or, I mean, you were doing absolutely nothing wrong and following all the rules and the drone just became possessed and flew off into the only tree in the area.  Yeah, I've heard that before...     Did you know there is an actual disorder for those that purchase and return items? Yes, one name is "bulimic shopping" (eww, that's gross) and is defined as "...when a person is caught in the cycle of constant buying and returning" and hell, they've even written books about it. There are the stories of patients who are constantly returning items and neglecting their housework, neglecting their relationships with their family, neglecting their jobs, calling in sick, and being so consumed about searching for the right item or getting the right value of it, that they neglect all those other aspects of their lives. Dr. Alien is here to help so absolutely no returns are accepted. In reality I can only help so much as I'm not your therapist or your mommy. Get a therapy dog, or professional help, because if you have the urge to return, these are not for sale to you. You're cured! 

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