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DEERC DE22 Drone + Go Go "Dancer" bird


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December 08, 2022


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DEERC DE22 Drone is a decent drone with a 3 axis gimbal, 4k30 video, GPS, smart features, all the good stuff we like.  It comes as a full kit with 2 batteries, extra props, remote, drone, manuals, and a dandy case.  Flew this a total of 4 times and managed to bump up against a fence and nick a couple of the props a bit as shown in the pics.  It did fly decent but had a little bit of circling (slight) as shown in the video: but others told me in the comments that theirs is solid, so maybe I do have some interference in the area that caused it to need a little extra time to find it's center.  I have been told that I have a magnetic personality so maybe that's it.  (I think they actually said "pestiferous", but I'm told it means the same thing).  Anyway, It did always seem to take off and go backwards a bit on takeoff and it over-corrects if you make a quick move backwards (hence the dings on the props) so keep a clear distance behind the drone until you get a feel for how it reacts and you'll be fine.   To top this off I'll throw in GoGo Bird drone, which can be retrofitted with remote ID (not really, lol) but does have a possible spot for it as shown when this actual bird was tested here: . It's in great shape, it does fly, and I only flew it the duration show in the video.  Has a couple of batteries, the bird, a remote and the screwdriver for the little screw for the batteries.  Be careful tightening the battery, it is a small 1/4 turn in plastic, so it you over-wrench it you will break it.  Don't do that.  The kids will love it for at least 5 minutes.  Did you know there's a disorder that causes people to buy and return items habitually?  Yup, starts with a "shopping mania" disfunction called "oniomania." The term is derived from the Latin words “for sale” (onios) and “madness” (mania).  We strive to alleviate all kinds of uncomfortable things, oinker-madness being one of them.  So if you have the irresistible urge to oink while purchasing these drones, know that we do not allow returns for any reason, so if you absolutely can't resist returning things, go oink somewhere else.  Together we can stop this sickness!  You're Welcome.

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