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IDX Endura DUO V Mount Batteries and Dual Charger


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January 30, 2024


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This kit contains a dual charger for the two IDX Endura DUO batteries pictured, all of which were purchased brand new from TVS Pro in June of 2020. Since then, they have seen very little use and few charge cycles since I mainly used them to power a Pocket 6k for weekend and other infrequent projects. The cells still hold a great charge for both batteries. Comes with: 1x IDX VL-2X 2-Channel Charger (199 new) 1x IDX C198 DUO V Lock Lithium ion Battery (399 new) 1x IDX C98 DUO V Lock Lithium ion Battery (249 new) These batteries were the last generation produced before the power delivery models were established in IDX’s lineup, but they have the same output amperage coverage and watt hours as far as I can see. IDX takes pride in the quality of their manufacturing and power cell reliability, so you can trust they will be a good pick for your production. Save yourself some cash on this swinging deal!

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